Where to Wait for the Bus

Stand at Metrobus stops, which are designated with red, white, and blue signs.

Check the bus destination before you board. The route number and destination are displayed above the windshield and on the boarding side of the bus.


  • On Jan. 4, 2009, Metro stopped issuing and accepting paper transfers. To get a rail-to-bus or bus-to-rail discount or to transfer free from bus to bus, you must use a SmarTrip® card.

  • Metro may implement short-term detours on some or all of its Metrobus routes. Stay up to date!

  • See a list of Metro rules and manners for riding smart on Metrobus.

  • Metro offers cyclists the Bike 'N Ride program for traveling with a bicycle.



Finding the Metro Station

If you're driving, look for the large Metro signs to direct you to stations.

Look for tall brown columns with a large "M" identifying the station entrances. Color stripes on the column show which lines serve the station.


  • Visit the Metrorail Stations page, then select your destination station on the form titled "Metrorail Fares" and click the "Get Fares" button.

  • Read stations signs to learn which train platform to use for your destination.

  • When boarding the Train stand clear of the train car doors and let riders get off before you board. Step over the small gap between the platform and the train.

  • Unlike elevator doors, train doors do not reopen automatically.

  • You use the same farecard you used to enter the system when you exit the system.